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GB-0206642-D0: Plastic support for decor in upvc for driveways walls and gardens patent, GB-0206877-D0: System and method for automatic document verification patent, GB-0206996-D0: Organic el material patent, GB-0207720-D0: Field progammable gate array hard disk system patent, GB-0208397-D0: Breaking apparatus patent, GB-0208598-D0: Self propelled engine/dynomo (type 1) patent, GB-0209384-D0: Peptide composition patent, GB-0209643-D0: Coin treating device patent, GB-0211288-D0: A method of forming an alignment feature in or on a multi-layered semiconductor structure patent, GB-0211825-D0: Carpet edge and cable/pipe protection patent, GB-0212774-D0: Piston and reciprocatory engine patent, GB-0212993-D0: System for lubricating and cooling a mechanical assembly patent, GB-0214479-D0: An integrated radar and active transponder collision prediction system patent, GB-0214513-D0: Keyhole plastic packaging with pole dispenser patent, GB-0214769-D0: Rotational-type waist and abdominal excercise and physical fitness apparatus patent, GB-0214904-D0: Sensing circuit patent, GB-0216911-D0: The adjustable drugs trolley patent, GB-0217291-D0: Vessel for heating and filtering water patent, GB-0217328-D0: Component to component sealing method patent, GB-0218424-D0: Apparatus for providing a fluid sweep patent, GB-0218506-D0: Method for transmitting/receiving information about orthogonal variable spreading factor codes assigned to user data in a high speed data packet access patent, GB-0218912-D0: Metabolic syndrome patent, GB-0219951-D0: Tray patent, GB-0219980-D0: Peptides patent, GB-0220398-D0: An osteoprosthesis component patent, GB-0220546-D0: Improvements in or relating to cladding patent, GB-0220776-D0: FOXP2 and uses thereof patent, GB-0221539-D0: Methods of treatment patent, GB-0221840-D0: Reducing vehicle air resistance patent, GB-0222034-D0: A method of making an object and apparatus for making an object patent, GB-0223457-D0: Loop antenna, surface-mounted antenna and communication equipment having the same patent, GB-0223634-D0: Colour changing kettle patent, GB-0224042-D0: Universal bale wrapping machine patent, GB-0224425-D0: Method for prediction of cardiac disease patent, GB-0224495-D0: Light testing apparatus patent, GB-0224925-D0: Improved structure for carburetor patent, GB-0225212-D0: System and method of providing invoice information patent, GB-0225583-D0: Support device for potted plants patent, GB-0226021-D0: A container patent, GB-0226255-D0: Container cover and lid with spout patent, GB-0228072-D0: Games console adaptor unit patent, GB-0228565-D0: Improvement to materials for fuel cell MEA's patent, GB-0230032-D0: Organic compounds patent, GB-0300105-D0: Ablation methods & apparatus patent, GB-0300761-D0: I hear you patent, GB-0301022-D0: Detergent compositions patent, GB-0301215-D0: Extended cycle reciprocating ericsson engine patent, GB-0302040-D0: Mobile phone location and direction finder patent, GB-0302851-D0: Gauges patent, GB-0304058-D0: Water treatment patent, GB-0304437-D0: Multimedia Presentation Lectern patent, GB-0305101-D0: The supporter patent, GB-0306138-D0: Method and apparatus for determining the gas flow rate of a gas-liquid mixture patent, GB-0306326-D0: Blister pack leak detection - presentation patent, GB-0307176-D0: A carrier for a refuse sack or bin bag patent, GB-0307606-D0: Ion-conducting polymeric materials patent, GB-0311018-D0: Airgun autoloader patent, GB-0312286-D0: Compensation system for an engine of a vehicle patent, GB-0313873-D0: Shopping buddy patent, GB-0314016-D0: Pallet trolley patent, GB-0314594-D0: Cover for streetcar rail patent, GB-0316245-D0: Ranse of interchangeable lamps / illuminated tables patent, GB-0316370-D0: Gas turbine engine and method of assembly thereof patent, GB-0316520-D0: Improvements in and relating to items and their treatment patent, GB-0316558-D0: Rack mountable systems patent, GB-0316773-D0: A tool patent, GB-0317197-D0: Cancer assay patent, GB-0317579-D0: Photonic crystals patent, GB-0317676-D0: Light fitting patent, GB-0317899-D0: DIY dish patent, GB-0318017-D0: Methods for recovering metals patent, GB-0318140-D0: Friction material and process for the production thereof patent, GB-0318148-D0: Vtol jet 4 patent, GB-0318654-D0: Improvements in glues patent, GB-0319025-D0: Laundry detergent compostion patent, GB-0319260-D0: Image sensor correction patent, GB-0319697-D0: Method of and apparatus for differential encoding and decoding patent, GB-0319973-D0: Domestic gas bottle cover patent, GB-0320574-D0: Turf product patent, GB-0321323-D0: Hydraulic in-the-hole percussion rock drill patent, GB-0321380-D0: Production process for coated food products patent, GB-0321523-D0: Scanner/printer/viewer patent, GB-0321945-D0: A novel form of vehicular transport patent, GB-0322164-D0: Method and apparatus for scalable,line-rate protocol-independent switching between multiple remote access points in a wireless local area network patent, GB-0323152-D0: Method for refining carbon black char patent, GB-0323587-D0: Method and apparatus for controlling an antenna array patent, GB-0324186-D0: Picture display unit 2 patent, GB-0324674-D0: Longwall conveyor chain having a short broad vertical link patent, GB-0325181-D0: Resolution enhancement apparatus, systems, and methods patent, GB-0328825-D0: Security phone patent, GB-0328853-D0: (Remote) vibrating dog collar patent, GB-0329021-D0: Device having adjustable adhesion patent, GB-0329237-D0: Multi-configured tool bit box patent, GB-0329294-D0: Electrical connector with visual indicators patent, GB-0400194-D0: Method of fusing and stretching a large diameter optical waveguide patent, GB-0400907-D0: Information delivery system patent, GB-0401814-D0: Fencing pale and fence patent, GB-0403095-D0: Mobile electrical power source patent, GB-0404386-D0: Break alert patent, GB-0404458-D0: Apparatus & method patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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